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St Patrick's Rc Primary And Nursery School

"I come that they may have life and have it to the full"

Lee Street, Oldham, Lancashire, OL8 1EF


  2. Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Priorities for Pupil Premium 17-18

Income from Pupil Premium £102,960

Number of Pupils eligible 88 out of 231 38%

This pupil premium strategy will be reviewed at the end of the academic year 2017/18.

Our priorities and activities supported by the funding:

School Development Plan Objective 1 To continue to develop pupil leadership in prayer and worship in order to embed the work of the recently established faith group and enrich the children’s faith experience.


Over the year we intend to develop the role of our Faith Group and encourage them to lead prayer and meditation times linked to the liturgical calendar. We also hope to develop further their role in leading assemblies for the whole school. This project is intended to benefit all our children and will as a result impact on our Pupil Premium children. There will be no financial contribution taken from the Pupil Premium budget. The supply cover for visiting Faith groups at other schools and any other costs will be covered by the school budget.



It is difficult to measure the impact of your spiritual life on your academic life. However we will be able to examine the numbers of children who attend the voluntary prayer and meditation times and look at the level of their engagement. We could also compare last year’s reading, writing and maths results with this year although it would be difficult to draw a direct link to the impact of the Faith Group’s work.

School Development Plan Objective To improve the quality of teaching and learning in Maths by deepening pupil’s understanding of mastery of mathematics. (Ofsted)

All staff are using new planning materials to support fluency, reasoning and problem solving. There has been Inset led by the Maths Co-ordinator on mastery in maths. Good practice is shared through observing other’s practice. This year we will also introduce a Study approach where staff members work together in threes to plan deliver and evaluate lessons in order to improve practice. The cost of the Study approach will be approximately £3000, £2000 from the Pupil Premium budget.


We will compare this year’s maths results with last years to measure the impact, looking particularly at whether our Pupil Premium performance has improved.


School Development Plan Objective To raise standards in Reading

  • This year there has been inset led by the English Co-ordinator to focus on vocabulary.
  • We have trained our Year 5 children to work as reading buddies for the younger children.
  • The Year 6 teacher has attended the ‘Reading Through a Connected Classroom’ training and has shared the information with all staff.
  • New staff are taking part in the ‘Talk for reading/writing’ training to ensure they are employing these strategies to develop both reading and writing.
  • We have also purchased the Salford reading tests and are trialling Twinkl reading comprehension materials. As part of our review of reading we will also look at our reading policy, our assessment policy and our reading materials.
  • We have also introduced target reading cards to help assess the children.
  • Inference Interventions We find that many of our children have poor inference skills. We recognise that success in reading often leads to success in writing, whereas a lack of success in reading affects life chances considerably. All Staff attended a half day inset last year. The TAs, SENCO and Literacy Co-ordinator attended 1 day inset. The cost of delivering the programme to targeted groups across the school are included in our full school TA costs listed below.

Impact We will measure the impact by looking at KS2 results in reading and comparing them with last year’s results particularly focusing on whether Pupil Premium performance has improved.


Parent Development Worker

Ofsted identified our work with the Parent Development Worker (Mrs Stones) as one of our strengths. They recognised that by developing our parents we can further develop our children. We have continued with our collaborative cluster schools appointment of a Parent Development Worker (PDW) to support our families and to help our parent’s access training courses and find employment. The PDW works with us during our ‘Play and Stay’ sessions and supports parents so that children make a smooth transition into school. We also access nursery places for families with children aged two and above from a Playgroup/Nursery provision at one of our cluster schools. The Cost of our PDW for 1 day a week is £12,000, £8000 comes from pupil Premium.

Impact We will measure the impact by completing a survey which looks at how many parents are in education or employment. We will analyse how smooth the transition from home to nursery is and how many parents accessed support.

9 Planning Preparation and Administration (PPA) /Management Cover

We have employed additional teachers for 5 days a week to cover PPA and Management time. This means the children are taught by teachers throughout the week.

The cost of 5 days PPA/Management cover a week over the year is approximately 40,000, £20,000 is from Pupil Premium.

Impact We will complete lesson observations when these teachers are with classes and complete work scrutinies to measure impact.


New Arrivals and EAL Support One of our Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA) spends two afternoons per week taking intervention groups to help children to develop their understanding and use of spoken English and their written English with a view to helping them reach national expectations.

Impact The impact will be measured by assessing whether the children are making progress along ‘A Language in Common’ Steps and how well they are integrating into school.

Counselling. A HLTA who has completed counselling courses is available for counselling sessions during a number of lunchtimes. These provide support for pupils to help them deal with issues so that they are more able to learn.

The cost of Teaching Assistants throughout the school is approximately £207,600 The cost allocated from Pupil Premium is £35,000.


Counselling from Outside School

We also at times employ a qualified Counsellor to work with a number of families. At £80 per hour at least 6 sessions each at a cost of approximately £500 per family. At the moment we have put approximately £350 to one side from the Pupil Premium budget to help fund part of this for our Pupil Premium children and families.

Impact We will measure whether the children are in a place where they are ready to learn by looking at individual progress. We will also analyse the number of behaviour incidents to see if they are decreasing.

11 Gardening Club and Nurture/Social Interaction Groups

We pay a qualified teacher for nearly a day a week to work with our most vulnerable children. She helps them to develop their gardening skills and their interaction skills. Cost £3000, £1000 from Pupil Premium.

Impact We analyse the number and type of behaviour incident forms to see if the number is decreasing.

12 Enrichment of the curriculum.

  • We offer a programme of trips and visitors to school to support pupils’ engagement in their learning. The approximate cost of trips is £6000, £2500 comes from the pupil premium budget.
  • And we offer a number of free lunch time clubs to the children which are run by TAs. Eg homework clubs, art clubs etc.


Impact We measure the impact by looking at whether children are motivated and excited about what they are learning. We will compare this year’s data with last years to see if there are improvements in standards.


13 Breakfast club Our breakfast club is to ensure our children start the day with a healthy breakfast and to support them in their quest to learn. We often fund breakfast club when children are poor attenders of have problems with punctuality.

This year a short fall of over £5000 is expected from running breakfast club, £1000 comes from pupil premium.

Impact We will continue to measure our attendance and punctuality and assess if it is improving.


14 Music Tuition

School is subsidising music lessons by about £11,500 £4,500 which comes from Pupil Premium.

Impact Success in music and other extra-curricular activities can lead to greater motivation and success in other areas. We measure the number of children taking part in these activities and analyse our results compared with previous years.

15 Uniform/PE Kits etc just under £1000 has been spent by school on uniform. £500 comes from pupil premium

Impact Ensuring children feel equal and valued is invaluable. Taking pride in your appearance and wearing a uniform gives the children a sense of pride and belonging. We are a family who look after each other. Feeling valued helps the children to engage in their learning but the impact of this is very difficult to measure.

16 Training budget

Our training budget is £8000 £5000 comes from Pupil Premium.

Impact The impact will be measured by looking at whether our FS, KS1 and KS2 results have improved particularly in Reading and Maths which are big focus for us this year.

17 Senior Manager

Senior Manager time to monitor spending and to measure the impact of the programmes on disadvantaged children. Approximate cost £9,000. £9000 from Pupil Premium.

Impact The impact is measured by looking at the progress of Pupil Premium children and comparing their progress with the progress of Non-Pupil Premium children.

School Development Plan Objective To provide all teachers with the opportunity to develop leadership skills through leadership of the foundation subjects (2 year target)

By developing leadership in all subject areas we aim to ensure our curriculum is broad and balanced and responds to the needs of the children. We also aim to increase the profile of all subjects and to develop our assessment systems. By doing this we will increase the expectations and standards in each subject and therefore the performance of all our children. The cost of all teachers taking part in this will be approximately £2400. Approximately £1000 will come from the Pupil Premium budget.


We will measure the impact by analysing the performance of Pupil Premium and Non Pupil Premium in these areas of the curriculum.

Impact Report 2016-17

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