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Daily Timetable and Suggested Learning

 Learning in Reception is very practical and happens in short bursts.  Children can only sit and listen for a short amount of time.  The suggested timetable below will give you an idea of how you can structure your day with your Reception child.  Try to give them lots of time to play and learn for themselves alongside sitting to work on formal tasks.   Some time spent doing exercise or dancing every day will help to keep your child healthy and will help with their mental well-being.  Try to go out for a walk if possible or try some of the activities suggested below.  If they have siblings, this could be a family activity!  Try to limit times spent playing on screens and watching TV as these can have the opposite effect and make children grumpy.  1 hour screen time is more than enough every day.  Try to supervise screen time as it is very easy to click on inappropriate links.  Some suggestions of appropriate apps are given on this page.  Above all try to make learning fun and give your child lots of praise for their efforts.  

Click on the day below to open up the learning page

Click here for a farewell message and some fun summer holiday activities. Have a lovely summer everyone.

Summer holidays

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 Fabulous websites and apps

Image result for phonics play 

 Use the free login: march20   Password: home 

Click on your child's phonics phase for lots of fun phonics games.

A new product from Phonics Play is Image result for phonics play comics 

Use the same free access code. 

Login: march20  password: home.  These comic books are perfect for practising using the phonics we have been learning in class.  Again click on your child's phonics phase, either 2, 3 or 4.  Happy reading!


As you can see from the Maths home learning challenges that have been sent home in your packs, Maths can be very practical.  You can show your child a skill using items from around the house.  No fancy equipment is needed.  Normal everyday activities can be used to develop Maths skills:

  • helping with cooking/baking by counting ingredients/using the scales to weigh the flour etc
  • counting toys and using them to add or take away
  • creating patterns using everyday objects such as knives and forks
  • searching for shapes around the house - tins in the cupboard which are cylinders, cube  and cuboid shaped boxes, fruit that is a sphere shape


Image result for numberblocks  Numberblocks   

Series 1, 2 and 3 are all fantastic for Reception children.


Image result for BBC counting rhymes  

We love the BBC counting rhymes!  


Links to our maths scheme of work - White Rose can be accessed here.  We have just completed the patterns topic.  The suggested activities are very practical and fun.


Oxford Owl

  Image result for oxford owl

This will give you access to lots of good quality reading books your child can read for free on a tablet or home computer. 

  •  Use the Phonics books sent home as a guide for which books to selects.  
  •  If your child has Phase 2 booklets, select Levels- Letters and Sounds Phase 2 or Book Band Pink


  • If your child has Phase 3 booklets, select Levels - Letters and Sounds Phase 3 or Book Band Red or Yellow


  • If your child has a Phase 4, select Levels - Letters and Sounds Phase 4 or Book Band Yellow or Blue

If you are unsure contact me through the Guest book or on and I will return you e-mail as quickly as I can.

Image result for teach your monster to read

A good app for developing your child's reading skills is Teach Your Monster to Read.  This is free at the moment so download it quickly!  If you child is on Phase 2 select 1- First steps.  If your child is on Phase 3 or 4 select 2 - Fun with Words.  This is also free to play online on a tablet or personal computer by clicking on the image above.

High Frequency words and Tricky words

 It is important to continue to practise the key words that were sent home in the blue book every day until your child can read them without having to say the sounds.  They should be able to read them on sight.  If they can, click on the link below to download the next set.  Try to only add one new set of 5 each time and keep going back to previously learnt words.  If your child is confident reading Phase 2, 3 and 4 words, they can then learn to spell them!  Again, choose 5 at a time and practise spelling for 5 minutes every day.  

Phase 2 words

Phase 3 words

Phase 4 words

Understanding the World 


 Learn about different countries around the world with the GoJetters 

Image result for nature detectives  

The Nature Detectives have some lovely ideas for outdoor activities if you are lucky enough to get outside in a safe way.  

Dance & Movement

Image result for cosmic kids yoga    Yoga                      

PSHE and Mindfulness

Image result for bbc feeling better   Feeling Better

Image result for cosmic kids yen den  

Cosmic Kids Yen Den has lots of lovely calm session for small children.

Religious Education

Our new RE topic is all about friends.  Click on the link below. 


Art & Design Technology

Image result for red ted art     

Red Ted Art has lots of ideas for craft activities to keep you busy at home along with recipes.