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  6. Monday 30th March

Monday 30th March


Good morning Reception.  We hope you are all well.  Mrs Olive and I are missing you lots.  We hope you have had a lovely weekend and that you are checking in every day to do some learning.  Check out today's activities and please send us a message on the guest book or an e-mail to to show us what you are getting up to.

Mrs Farnell and Mrs Olive

Daily exercise session - Go out for a walk or select one of the following links:

Joe Wicks Daily workout.  This is brilliant and I'm doing the workout every day with my children.

  Image result for youtube trolls wake and shake    Trolls Wake up Shake up  

 Image result for superhero wake and shake  Superhero Wake up Shake up


Phonics - Image result for new phonics play

Use Phonics play to practise sounds.  Click on the image to match your child's phonic phase.  Use login: march20    Password:home

Phase 2 Group:

Image result for phonics play speed trials 

Image result for phonics play tricky word trucks

Practise the sounds we have learnt already.

 Phase 2 Phonics Letter Sounds - YouTube

Or look at some objects or toys around the house that begin with the sounds s,a,t,p

Read the words sat, as, at, pat, sap by saying each sound and then blending them together. Help them if they struggle.  You could cut up a box and write each sound on a different piece.  These could be used to make the words by your child.  Or use your bottle tops you made last week.

Image result for bottle top phonics


 Phase 3 Group:

Image result for phonics play speed trials 

Image result for phonics play tricky word trucks

Recap on the ng grapheme.  Watch 

    ng' Words | Blending Phonics Phase 3 - YouTube

Or read these words (mum or dad could write them on a piece of paper in big writing): king, ring, sing.

Write these words in your writing book - long, sang, ring, ping-pong.

Read Phonics Play Comic - I can spot by clicking the image below.

I can spot - Phase 3 decodable comic

Phase 4 Group  

Image result for phonics play speed trials

Image result for phonics play tricky word trucks

Read these words (mum or dad could write them on a piece of paper in big writing): floating, giftbag, drinkcan, crisp-packet. 

Write these words in your writing book: trustfund, stand, crust, crisp, tramp, trend.

Read this comic from Phonics Play Comics.

Moon Camping - Phase 4 decodable comic

Reading and Writing -

  • Read your last book that was sent home for the first time today.  Try to work out any difficult words by saying the sounds and trying to blend them together.
  • Write about the next picture in your red writing book.  Children working on phase 2 should write 3 words about the picture, phase 3 - one or two sentences,  phase 4 two to 3 sentences.  Encourage your child to leave spaces between their words, to keep their writing on the lines and to use a full stop at the end of their sentences.


  • Count to 20 and back to zero.  
  • Use the number cards you made last week and put them in order.  Close your eyes and mum and dad can take one away.  Which number is missing?  How do you know?  
  •  Look at the maths activities in your pack today on the sheet 'Making 10'.  We spent lots of time in class practising making 10 in different ways so this shouldn't be too tricky.  Make it fun and use a set of your toys to make 10 in different ways.  
  • We sang this fun song to help us learn our number bonds to 10.  
  • I Know My Number Bonds 10 | Number Bonds to 10 | Addition Song for ...


 And Then It's Spring,' written by Julie Fogliano and illustrated ...

Login:  Password: Reception

Sing a cheery Springtime song.  We learnt this one in class.  Share it with your family.

I'm a spring chicken - YouTube