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  3. Year 5
  4. Year Five Remote Learning Week Seventeen
  5. Work Explained 13th July - 17th July 2020

Work Explained 13th July - 17th July 2020

Monday 13th July 2020

To be completed in your Percy Jackson Journal

An old piece of advice is: “Never talk to strangers.”

Do you believe this is always the safest thing to do?

Why or why not?

What is the worst (or most embarrassing) photograph of you that’s ever been taken?

Describe it.


    To be completed in your literacy book

    One of the stories Annabeth refers to in Ch. 10 is Poseidon meeting his girlfriend in the temple of Athena.

    See if you can find that myth. Who was the girlfriend? See if you can find the two children that were born from that relationship between Poseidon and his girlfriend.

    One place to find all the affairs of Poseidon is Do a search for Poseidon.

    You’ll be amazed how many girlfriends he had!


    Tuesday 14th July 2020

    Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

    Read Chapter Eleven - A visit to the garden gnome emporium

    Wednesday 15th July 2020

    1. Why is Annabeth upset with Percy for risking his life on the bus?
    2. What does Aunty Em look like when she opens the door?
    3. How does Percy explain why he went into the garden gnome emporium? Does this explanation make sense to you?
    4. Why does Grover start to get nervous at the emporium? (There are several reasons)
    5. How can you tell that Percy isn’t thinking straight after he eats his meal?
    6. Did you guess Aunty Em’s true identity before Percy did? If so, what clues gave her away?
    7. Why does Annabeth say they have to kill Medusa? Why can’t they just run away?
    8. Medusa’s head doesn’t disintegrate along with the rest of her. Why not?
    9. What important information does Percy find in Medusa’s office?
    10. Why do you think Percy sends Medusa’s head to Mount Olympus? Do you think this is a good idea?

    Art & Design

    I want you to draw Medusa!

    Make her as scary as possible please, I want to be turned to stone when I gaze on it.

    Watch the tutorial below for tips.

    Thursday 16th July 2020

    We are only half way through our book and I want you to read the next chapter, its not long. Then over the holidays you could finish the book.

    Read Chapter Twelve - We get advice from a Poodle

    1. Why does Grover want a searcher’s license?
    2. Why does Grover’s dream sound so hopeless to Percy?
    3. What new information do you learn about Grover’s past and how it relates to Annabeth?
    4. According to Grover, why did Percy mail Medusa’s head to Mount Olympus?
    5. Describe the place Percy sees in his dream.
    6. What terrible realization does Percy make toward the end of the dream? What does the voice want from him?
    7. Who do think is talking to Percy in the dream? Who is this voice from the pit?
    8. Who is Gladiola?
    9. What is Grover’s plan to get money for the trip?
    10. If you were offered the choice in Percy’s dream – to save your own parent’s life or complete your quest and prevent a terrible war – what would you choose?


    Friday 17th July 2020

    Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief - Film ☺☺☺