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  4. Year Five Remote Learning Week Nine
  5. Work Explained 18th May - 22nd May 2020

Work Explained 18th May - 22nd May 2020

Monday 18th May 2020

Percy Jackson

Today's work is in your Percy Jackson Journal

 Journal Entry - Writing as Percy Jackson (first person and informal style)

If someone granted you immortality (being your present age, just as you are, forever) would you take it?

Think of as many pros (for's) and cons (against's) as you can.


What do you think life will be like for humans 2000 years for now?

Give some examples of how people might live, what they will believe, what technology they will use.

What do you think those people of the future will think about us, their distant ancestors?

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

Read Chapter Five - I Play Pinoccle with a Horse

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Percy Jackson - Chapter Five

1. What does the blond girl ask Percy as she's feeding him pudding?

2. What is strange about the man who is guarding Percy as he sleeps?

3. Why does Grover say he retrieved the Minotaur horn?

4. How does Percy feel after he tries the strange drink?

5. As he's gazing out from the front porch, what surprises Percy about the summer camp?

6. Describe Mr. D. Then decide on the following: Will he be a hero or a villain? Explain why?

7. What does Percy find striking about Annabeth's appearance?

8. What clues help Percy guess Mr. D's identity?

9. What evidence does Chiron use to prove that the Greek gods are in America?

10. According to Chiron, what is the big question that everyone wants answered? Have a guess: what's the answer?




Click here and look up "centaurs."

You can also use a standard encyclopedia (such a sthe one attached to our remote learning page) or other reference sites on Greek monsters.

There are three different types described.

Draw a spider diagram with centaur as the middle bubble, then branch out in three directions for the three different types of centaur. On each type, list at least five attributes of that kind of centaur.

When you have done this I want you to draw a centaur for me! Easy! Especially if you follow the tutorial below..☺

Please send me your finished designs by email so I can show them off on Twitter ☺

Thursday 21st May 2020


Spelling Grammar and Punctuation 

Click here for the resource to be completed


Percy Jackson

Myth and Legend Planning

Over the next few weeks we are going to look closely at Myths and Legends.

We are looking at all the elements they contain as eventually you are going to write your own Myth as an adventure in your Percy Jackson journal.

Today I want you to look at three very different stories. You can view them here.

They contain the story of Theseus and the Minotaur (if you want to watch it again click here), Bedd Gelery and The Hare and the Tortoise,

They are all myths, but written very differently, yet they all have the same story structure, and there are many similarities between them.

Today is our review session where we can get our ideas together.

Read through the three stories and try to see if you can spot any links between them.

Friday 22nd May 2020

Percy Jackson

Today I want you to use the findings from yesterday and write a list of all the similarities you find in each of the stories, This will help you as it will form a scaffold for planning your own myth over the net few weeks.

Look closely and try to find similarities such as

Things to find and people to help the hero
Brave things to do
Dangers to face
Happy Ending