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St Patrick's Rc Primary And Nursery School

"I come that they may have life and have it to the full"

Lee Street, Oldham, Lancashire, OL8 1EF


  2. Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Report 18-19     Amount £89,760                Number of children eligible for Pupil Premium= 68




Parents of P.P. children who are new arrivals and may not know who to go to or how to receive the help  they are entitled to.






Parents offered support from our P.S.W.

Parents offered free courses with P.S.W.




When parents are struggling to provide for the basic needs of their children it is difficult for them to focus on the development of belonging, esteem and self -actualisation. (Maslow)


There has been lots of research to explain that the development of a second language is connected to the development of a first language and how parents help educate their children.

Cost of PSW £15.000

Cost of interpreters £3000

Cost 18,000

Parents of PP children unsure of the expectations of the curriculum

Deliver Parent workshops explaining how to help children progress towards and beyond the expectations.

Replenish materials for toy library and book library  £300

Resource packs for parents and Delivery of workshops


Workshops in English and Maths will help parents to understand what we are doing in school and will equip them to support their children. It will strengthen the links between school and home and will give continuity to the children’s experience.

Cost of teachers N –Year 4 delivering 1.5hr sessions with preparation time.


Resources and preparation £1000

Replenish materials for toy and book library £300

Cost approximately £2300


Poor routines at home and behaviour management.

A number of children find it difficult to settle in school due to issues with routines and inconsistent behaviour management at home.

Costs of PSW already included.


Cost of adult to liaise with parents and complete Early Help Referrals.

1 afternoon per week over the year

Research identifies the importance of routines for children see




Cost of Nursery teacher 1 afternoon per week for a year approximately £4825

PP children not ‘ready for school’



 ‘Play and Stay’ sessions for one afternoon per week for half a term in the summer before children begin Nursery. 1 Teacher and 1 or 2 TAs for half a term one afternoon a week.


rising 3s into our Nursery so children are with us for 5 not 3 terms.


Play group aimed at 2 year olds run by PSW one afternoon per week. Costs of resources/snacks



Overall, the evidence suggests that early years Pre-school intervention is beneficial.


Many of our PP children have limited English. During 17-18 only 3% of children in Nursery and 24 % in Reception were at the expected level for their speaking skills.


On average, early years interventions have an impact of 5 additional month’s progress and appear to be particularly beneficial for children from low income families. (Greenacres)

1 TA and 1 teacher for 1pm for half a term approx. £1200 

Resources and snacks £500= £1700



PP children not being ‘ready’ for Rec or Year 1  

Member of staff to support our children in Reception and Year 1 class with language development and transition.

Language support programmes  Blast 1 and 2  and Welcom delivered to Reception children  

Additional adult for phonics

Additional maths support

Overall, the evidence suggests that early years intervention is beneficial.

Cost of 10 hours support per week approximately £6000

PP children making slow progress.

Small group Support for PP children with retention problems.

Evidence on small group work suggests that overall, the pattern is that small group tuition is effective and, as a rule of thumb, the smaller the greater the impact.


Year 1 TA x3 pms of 2 hours

Year 2 x2 pm of 2 hours

Year 3 x1 pm of 2 hours

Year 4 x1 pm of 2 hours

Year 5 x1 pm of 2 hours

Year 6 x1 pm of 2 hours.

Cost approximately £12,700


Children in Key stage 2 having  difficulties with early reading skills.

KS2 Phonics/early reading support

Without this support the children struggle to access the curriculum. 5X20 minute sessions x39 weeks approximately £1200



PP children having difficulties in the area of social skills.

TA to deliver social skills programme to a number of different groups of children.


Some of our children do not have access to a wide range of social experiences outside the classroom. These children often have difficulties developing friendships and working in groups.  If left this can result in isolation from peers.

5 hours per week X39 weeks approximately £3,200


PP children without  access to extra-curricular  social activities

 School to pay for children’s school trips and for groups/activities outside school hours which would benefit the children eg  Madhlo


Some of our children do not have access to a wide range of

learning opportunities and learning / outside the classroom. If left this can result in isolation from peers.

Budget for trips social activities £5000

PP children without essential equipment.

Money allocated for the cost of books, uniforms, materials for homework.


We recognise the need to feel part of a community to have a sense of belonging. We also feel that children need access to writing and reading materials outside school hours.


Cost £1500

PP children with challenging home lives which result in their needing someone to talk to.

Counselling costs for children in need.

We have found that challenging home lives often impact negatively on our children’s behaviour. We have recognised the number of behaviour incidents for particular children decrease if sufficient counselling/nurturing support is offered.

Cost approximately £5000

Lack of confidence of staff delivering reading support for PP children


½ day training for all staff  on developing comprehension skills


Further ½ day inset for all staff on phonics training.


New books to help match children’s stages of reading development more closely.


Lit Co-ordinator to look at impact by observing staff teach reading and analysis of data

½ day every two weeks to complete observations, give support etc

Our reading results are still below national average.

Full staff training one full day. £4000

New books £4000

Monitoring £3000



PP children not having the opportunity to work outdoors

Teacher to be out of class half a day per week to deliver forest Friday mornings to Nursery and Reception. Additional forest activities are targeted at pupil premium children.

Many of our children who are eligible for PP do not have access to a wide range of learning opportunities and learning experiences outside the classroom.

Cost £4000

Lack of coordination of PP spending

PP manager to oversee PP targets and expenditure

The cost of a manager one day a week to manage programmes and analyse data.


Cost £13000


The Pupil Premium interventions are reviewed regularly. The impact of this report will be reviewed at the end of the academic year when we have access to all data.


C Mitchell – September 2018

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