The 5 W’s


Our school is a place where all are welcome; pupils, parents, staff, parishioners and visitors. We promote inclusion, mutual respect, self-esteem and a sense of community. We warmly welcome many new arrivals into our school community each year. Some children come from other schools, many children are new to the area or country.


Religious Education is at the foundation of our school and it permeates through the curriculum and life of our school.  We are inspired by the Word of God and we endeavour to live in the service of each other.  We bear witness to the Word of God through our actions in our daily lives using the Gospel values to guide our relationships and behaviour.  We celebrate the Word of God through regular worship and liturgy.


Children have a variety of opportunities for worship (prayer, reflection, liturgies) in small groups, year groups and the whole school which are appropriate to their age.  These opportunities help to promote a strong community sense of service for each other.  Through Worship the children grow in confidence in prayer and develop a relationship with God.  Prayer helps children to learn to be reverent and show respect and helps them as they learn to ‘talk and listen to God’. Collective worship is planned, which stimulates reflection on spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues.  The purpose and value of collective worship is reinforced by celebrations through the liturgical year which also recognise the faiths and beliefs of other people from groups within the school.


All members of the St Patrick’s family bear witness to our Mission Statement which informs everything we do in our community.  We are witnesses to the values of the Gospel such as love, reconciliation, compassion, justice, service and stewardship in every aspect of school life.  The children are at the centre of the school’s Mission which is rooted in the Gospel stories; we use Jesus Christ as our Vision.  We ask the pupils to live out and to give witness to the Gospel Values everyday in school, in their homes and in the wider community.  We encourage children to care for all of God’s creation by becoming good stewards of Creation.


At St Patrick’s we encourage every member of our school family to live life in all its fullness. We respect the dignity of each individual as a child of God.  We promote an atmosphere of respect for each other.  We support parents in their vocation to bring up their children so that they can experience life to the full.