Google Classroom

If school has to close for some reason, remote learning is accessed through Google Classrooms. The children have individual logins. If you have lost your child's login details please contact the school office on 0161 633 0527.

To access go to Google classroom

We have also setup lists of usueful websites to help with home ane remote learning -  Remote Learning Guidance & Websites by Subject

Help on using google classroom

Google classroom’s own help pages

Navigate your way around google classroom


Main key part to google classroom


Turning in assignments

a video version of turning in


video on adding new work to the assignment


Here's a link to a google slide which will inform you what’s what on google classroom but you only need to start from slide 7 as you already have an account and joined a class


Other tips and advice.

If you are using a shared device such as a family computer, then it’s to have separate accounts for your child’s account, also ensure that chrome browser is not signed into any other google account.
Where’s this isn’t possible and you need google signed in with a different account, then follow this link which instructs you how to add profiles to chrome browser so it can switch between accounts, so then all account stay active in chrome but don’t affect permissions in documents assigned in google classroom

for pc or mac

for mobiles/tablets


Using google classroom on iPads

Apps to install on iOS Devices

You will need to install the following apps onto an iOS device so the devices can access google classroom and also open the documents added to the assignments

Google Classroom

Google docs

Google slides

Some links etc to help students if they access classroom from an iPad


Xbox and Playstation

Classroom can be opened on Xbox and Playstation. There isn’t an app that the students can add to their consoles. Instead, they are going to have to use the built-in browsers that come on the two devices. On Xbox, it is Microsoft Edge. On Playstation, it is the “www” browser. Your students will probably know how to find the browsers on their consoles, but if not, each one has a search function they can access on the home screen.

Once the browser has been opened:

  1. Type in in the URL bar.
  2. A prompt for a Google account will appear.
  3. Type in your school district email and password – it doesn’t end in and that is ok!
  4. The Classroom home screen will open up.

If students have a keyboard they can plug in, they will have a much easier time of navigation. Otherwise, they will have to use their controllers to click on the classroom tiles, open up assignments and type.