The Government has introduced a new statutory curriculum - Relationship and Health Education. This curriculum is very similar to our previous Personal, Social, Health Education but has a greater emphasis on: the importance of physical and mental health, children understanding what makes a positive relationship and equipping children to keep themselves safe at home, at school, outside and online.

At St Patrick’ we have called our curriculum PSRHE as our curriculum still works to develop the personal and social aspects of our children. At St Patrick’s we have been using the ‘Jigsaw’ Curriculum for a number of years. This curriculum meets nearly all of the requirements of the Relationship and Health Education Curriculum. It has a greater focus on keeping healthy both mentally as well as physically and examines what healthy relationships look like. The ‘Jigsaw’ Curriculum aims to equip children with the tools they need for the challenges they will meet, building resilience and a sense of self confidence. We do not currently deliver the sex education unit of this programme and we do not deliver the programme ‘off the shelf,’ we deliver it with the context of our children in mind.

In Years 5 and 6 children are taught about how to look after their changing bodies and learn about how their bodies will develop and why as they grow up. This is part of the statutory Science and Relationship Education curriculum and is not optional.


In order to meet all the requirements of the Relationship and Health Education we have worked with: Father Phil Sumner and Mufti Helal from the Interfaith Forum, our Governors, Staff and Parents as well as liaising with the Diocese to devise our own British Values Unit to complement the work we do with Jigsaw. This unit focuses each year on one of the aspects of British Law (equality, democracy etc) but also focuses on one of the Protected Characteristics. Children are taught about tolerance, understanding and how it is unlawful to discriminate against others due to their age, sex, belief etc.


We follow the EYFS framework and National Curriculum which set out what children should know by the end of each key stage. 

Early Years Foundation Stage Framework



This is what we will learn throughout school in PSRHE